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Great Book of Egg Decorating

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Great Book of Egg Decorating

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Great Book of Egg Decorating
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Book Name: Great Book of Egg Decorating

Author: Grazia Buttafuoco & Dede Varetta

Publisher: Sterling Pub Co Inc

ISBN: 0806959118

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 128

Illustrations: Color photos, B & W designs

Experience Required: Varying levels

Book Review

The photos of eggs displayed throughout the Great Book of Egg Decorating starting with the index page are very colorful and make it a delightful book to look at. The introduction outlines a brief history of egg decorating including its origins with pictures of beautiful eggs with very complicated and ornate designs. Following the introduction, the author takes you through the steps and information you need to know about beginning the egg decorating process from the eggs you can use, their availability and price range (i.e. ostrich eggs) to their properties and qualities in relation to egg decorating (i.e. duck eggs are suitable for drilling which is required to make laced eggs).

The projects in this book include egg decorating used to make crafts for Easter (Easter Window Ornaments, Easter Basket, Easter Tree), Blue and Pink Wreaths for newborns as well as for Easter, photo note cards (in which you can include photos of favorite eggs you’ve already made as well as decorating the frame of the card around the photo), mobiles, Summer and Fall Arrangements, Christmas (Door and Window ornaments, Gold Christmas Ornament (on a mini tree that is perfect for small apartments), Christmas Ornaments), Window Ornaments (could also be used for New Years depending on the colors used) and using stickers to decorate eggs (great for kids).

If you have never decorated eggs before it is essential to read the first how – to section in this book. It covers how to blow out eggs safely and carefully because this is something you need to do to ensure you have a strong, intact eggshell to work with. Perhaps you blew out eggs when you were younger so this section would be a good refresher on the process. In this section as well as the rest of the how – to sections there are step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos. This makes it very clear how you are supposed to do each step and a very useful tool for beginners.

The first chapter covers wax embossing on natural colored eggshells (a Slavic egg decorating technique). These learning sections are all structured in basically the same manner (The Basics (techniques for the type of egg decorating in that section), What You’ll Need (tools and materials) and the projects using the techniques you learned). The chapter on wax embossing is broken down into how to prepare the wax and make red and blue rosettes. The following projects: Summer Centerpiece, Autumn Centerpiece (using multicolored eggs in combination with gourds, leaves, berries, vegetables and nuts) expands on the above techniques by increasing the complexity to wax embossing on colored shells. Drilling is the technique of embossing snow white eggs with white wax and drilling out the eyelets to make the eggs look like embroidered eyelet lace. Egg decorating techniques such as Wax Resist, Decoupage (including Strip Piecing and Decals), and adding Floral to arrangements are also demonstrated.

I like that the kind of eggs recommended to use for each project is included in the What You’ll Need list, this can help you decide if you can do that project or not because of availability of the eggs. I also like that the color combos used on the decorated eggs in this book are amazing and they blend perfectly. The embellishments used are simple but elegant and match perfectly with color scheme of the eggs (i.e. the trims used on the Christmas Door Ornament). Throughout the book the author refers back to other portions of the book for techniques you need to know to complete that project (i.e. sealing the blowholes for the eggs used in the Light Blue Wreath). This is very helpful because it saves you time not having to search through the book to find out how to do something essential to your project. There is also a very important section at the back of the book I found very helpful to insure the successful completion of the projects you want to do. It is called Tricks of the Trade and I think of it as more of a Troubleshooting Guide to help all you projects turn out the way they are supposed to. It includes: Washing Away Stains, Positioning Blowholes, Making Perfect Blowholes, Thick or thin Strokes?, What if the wax overheats?, What if I make a mistake?, Hanging an egg, Bleaching Quail Eggs, Making Smooth Ends (preventing a buildup of paper when using the decoupage technique on eggs) and B& W designs used in this book to decorate the eggs.


  • Orange Topiary Tree
  • Laced Eggs
  • Blue-and-Pink Mobile
  • Easter Basket
  • Shiny Black Eggs (Oriental Style)

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