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Drawing For Dummies

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Drawing For Dummies

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Book Name: Drawing For Dummies

Author: Brenda Hoddinott

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0-7645-5476-X

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 336

Illustrations: B & W

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

The atmosphere of this book is one that is dedicated to the easy, successful method of learning how to draw. Drawing for Dummies begins with a handy chart called a Cheat Sheet that is a guide to Graphite Drawing Pencils and on the other side a diagram and breakdown of The Parts of an Eye. The Introduction is an outline of the contents of the book but also conveys the feeling that the author believes anyone can learn to draw and you can have fun doing it.

Drawing for Dummies is broken up into four sections, which are then broken up into chapters to start you learning how to draw slowly. You can initially explore the book in the Contents at a Glance section and get a more detailed breakdown of the chapters in the Table of Contents. If you are a beginner you should read the book and complete the exercises and projects as you go through the chapters. If you are looking for more specific learning to enhance your skills you can pick and choose the chapters you wish to read and complete the accompanying projects. Drawing for Dummies has something for artists of all skill levels.

What I really like about this book is the combination of information on the process of drawing from how you think about what you are going to draw to actually drawing it. There are also some very useful icons: Tips, Remember, Technical Stuff, Sketchbook and Visual Exercise in the Introduction that separate information you need to know by importance. There are other bonuses in Drawing for Dummies, which make the book even more useful and fun. You can make a portfolio, an activity that doesn’t involve drawing but to contain your work and enhance your memory with research of your subject to improve your drawings. While all the parts this book are fun, informative and practical, my favorite part of the book is the final one because it once again embodies the personality and experience of the author. This part contains chapters called Ten Tips, Hints and Secrets, Ten Steps to Completing a Drawing, Ten More Fun Projects and Ten Tidbits of Artsy Info which will help you focus the direction of your drawing skills and to finish what you’ve started …learning how to draw!


  • Setting up to Draw Still Life
  • Documenting the World Outside
  • Capturing Critters in Drawings
  • Baby, Look at You Now
  • Celebrating Childhood Innocence

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