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Draw Squad

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Draw Squad

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Book Name:Draw Squad

Author:Mark Kistler

Publisher:Simon & Schuster Inc.



# of Pages:251

Illustrations:Black and white drawings

Experience Required:Beginner

Book Review

I really liked this book because the author writes like he is talking in person to the child who is learning to draw.  The numbered lessons have a fun quality with fun exercises to do and there are cartoon illustrations to go along with the lessons.  The writing is very positive and empowering for budding young artists.  The author is trying to teach with a sense of humor while still getting the child to complete the lesson at hand.  To keep the child interested there are occasionally short exercises called Motivators!  It is a cartoon drawn by another child with the name and age of the child printed next to the cartoon so children have and idea of what others have accomplished and what they too can do.  Also provided in this book are small art attacks (simple drawing lessons i.e. Leaning Twinkies art attack # 128 page, 156), which are other examples of drawings done by children.  There are spaces for children to draw (daily drawing journal spaces provided throughout the book).  I really liked the drawing contest idea because it challenges the children's abilities and the idea pages for teachers at the back of the book to help keep children drawing in a number of fun and interesting ways.  The author is really writing/drawing this book for children to learn how to draw, getting children to keep drawing, have fun drawing and to love doing it.


  • Saturnbot Mania(Drawing Contest #11, page 94)
  • A Drawing for your Doughnut Diet (Art Attack #74, page102)
  • Twisted Candle (Art Attack # 93, page 120)
  • Better Television Petition (Drawing Contest # 20, page 178)
  • "Transportation Device" by Kevin Kennedy  (Student Gallery, page181)

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