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Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks

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Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks

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Book Name: Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks: 32 Recipes for Enhancing Your Pages with New Techniques

Author: Trice Boerens

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 1-59253-025-7

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 111

Illustrations: Color photos, B&W drawings

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

I’ve researched a large number of scrapbooking techniques and layouts and found Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks: 32 Recipes for Enhancing Your Pages with New Techniques to be a refreshing change from the typical ideas being published. The techniques include: folded borders, paper clay, fusible fabric appliqué, silk flower appliqué, shaped wire, quilling, pencil shadowing, eyelets, sequins, lace-ups, weaving, ribbon embroidery, shrink plastic, yarn painting, cross-stitch, quilting, machine-stitching, found-object collage, paper-piecing, stenciling, wrapped thread, gold leafing, sand painting, micro beads, dip-dyeing, aged paper, stamping, decoupage, marbling, layered boarders and tassels. What makes this book so unique is the ways in which the materials are used. The author has taken traditional methods of crafting with paper, fabric and other materials and applied them to scrapbooking, which gives the materials and the layouts new intensity.
I like it that there are references to the applicable diagrams in the instructions because it allows you to focus immediately and clearly on what you should be doing. There are also references to the applicable pages of the templates section at the back of the book when an additional template is required to complete the layout. Some templates (i.e. leaf template for the Sorority Sisters layout in the Folded Borders section) and diagrams (i.e. the diagrams for the Wedding Flowers layout in the Ribbon Embroidery section) necessary for making the project are included with the instructions. Normally I prefer all the templates to be included with the instructions for convenience. With these projects however, the instructions and materials/tools lists are so wonderfully detailed and clear they occupy most of the page they are on and there isn’t room for much more. I also really like the samples of the techniques at the beginning of each section. They either include step-by-step instructions (accompanied by photos) of an example of a technique (i.e. yarn painting) or three different examples (i.e. Tassels) in addition to the layout ideas provided. Decorative Embellishments for Scrapbooks is a must have for any scrapbooker who wants to advance their skills (and subsequently their layouts) to new levels.


  • Art Deco Flowers (Fusible Fabric Appliqué)
  • Favorite Books (Shaped Wire)
  • Travel Textures (Pencil Shadowing)
  • Wishing For (Sequins)
  • Birthday Cake (Machine Stitching)
  • Vintage Portrait (Dip-Dyeing)
  • Little Hands (Stamping)
  • A Windy Day (Marbling)
  • Nick (Layered Borders)

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