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Decorating Candles

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Decorating Candles

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Book Name: Decorating Candles

Author: Terry Taylor

Publisher: Lark Books

ISBN: 1-57990-243-X

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 128

Illustrations: Color photos, B & W drawings

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review:

After a brief introduction to candles and the projects in this book there is an abbreviated history of the candle and a must read section on candle basics. Candle Basics include: candle anatomy, wax, wicks, scents and dyes, candle styles, tapers, tea lights, pillars, votives, novelty (or molded) candles, container candles (accompanied by a photo of the different candle shapes and sizes), decorating candles, how-to tips for decorating candles, finding the circumference of a candle, marking a candle, working with wax, how to overdip candles, how to make a sheet of wax or appliques, creating pressed flowers and leaves, decorating with flammable materials, adhering material to candles, using pins and tacks, and painting candles. Also covered are candleholders: selecting the right one and an incomplete survey of candleholders, lighting and extinguishing candles, tips for lighting candles, tips for extinguishing candles, storing and caring for your candles, candle safety, and displaying and burning candles.

Decorating Candles contains 48 candle projects by 12 different artists including 1 project that is a collaboration of two artists (Button-and-Bow Flower Garden Candle) and two variations of Oriental Candles by two different artists. The main techniques involved in making the candles in this book include decoupage, rubber stamping, batik, mosaic, calligraphy, quilling, painting, clip-art, embossing, stenciling and beading. Page numbers are provided when necessary for the reader to refer back to the Candle Basics section to learn how to do techniques such as determining the circumference of your candle (Old World Calligraphy Candle) and pressing natural materials and overdipping (Decoupaged Maple Leaf Candle).

I like that this book includes a wide variety of styles of candle making projects that anyone can do. The candles are colorful, use a variety of materials and teach you the new techniques you might not know how to do to make candles such as the Quilled Spring Bouquet candle. Most of the tools and materials you will need are easily available at craft or hardware stores if you don't have them on hand already. To save you money on expensive candle dyes it is suggested (for the Batik Candles) that you can substitute wax crayons for candle dyes. Some projects (Papel Picado Candle, Flower Power Pyramid, Folk Art Candle, Wrought Iron Candle, Tooled Copper Medallion Pillar) require the use of a photocopier to enlarge templates (good for those who can't draw, are supplied at the back of the book) or photos (Anniversary Candle). There is a small section on the contributing designers for those who are interested in learning more about the artist who created the unique candles in this book.


  • Decoupaged Maple Leaf Candle
  • Tattoo Votives
  • Eggshell Mosaic
  • Flower Power Pyramid
  • Jungle Fever Tapers
  • Folk Art Candles
  • Ladybug, Ladybug Applique
  • Moon and Stars Candle
  • Stenciled Candle

Overall Rating:


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