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Cross Stitching Books

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Cross Stitching Books

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555 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns
The designs in this book are what make it very attractive. At the beginning of each chapter there is a framed sampler project that incorporates many of the designs in the following pages. There are additional designs of similar themes as the ones in the sampler provided for use in other cross-stitch projects.

Cross-Stitch Designs
I loved looking at all the patterns in Cross-Stitch Designs because they were all in color and were very inspiring. I was also very pleased that projects ranged from small magnets to detailed pillow designs meaning cross-stitch enthusiasts of all levels including those just learning can benefit from the patterns in this book.

Seasons in Cross Stitch
This book contains delightful themed patterns of cats, flowers, bunnies, children, religious images and bible quotations, sewing, gardening, golfing, Victorian, teatime, teddy bears, Halloween, Santa and snowmen and unicorns.



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