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Creepy Crafty Halloween

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Creepy Crafty Halloween

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Creepy Crafty Halloween
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Book Name: Creepy Crafty Halloween

Author: Dawn Anderson

Publisher: Martingale & Company

ISBN: 1-56477-306-X

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 111

Illustrations: color photos, color & B&W patterns

Experience Required: Intermediate

Book Review

Creepy Crafty Halloween is a great resource for those crafters who love everything to do with this special day. I like the idea of a compilation of projects from different crafters because it gives you a wide variety of projects to choose from. The categories of projects include: Paper Crafts (Invitations and paper Lanterns), Appliqué (Halloween Cat Banner, Appliquéd Pumpkin Table Runner and Napkins), Painting Canvas (Painted Floor Cloth), Pumpkin Carving, Doll Making (Witch Doll with Cat), Quilting (Crayon and Embroidery Hanging, Patches: The Pumpkin Patch Protector - Quilt), Woodworking (Haunted Birdhouse), Candle Making (Candy Corn Candles), Etched Glass (Ghost and Skeleton Luminaries), Glass Painting (Painted Spiderweb Cake Plate and Ghost Dome), as well as a variety of other Halloween items (Treat Bags, Pumpkin Tins), Sewing (Pumpkin Heads) and Hooked Rugs.

I like that the instructions for the crafts are divided into sections for larger projects such as the Witch Doll with Cat i.e. make the head, make the body pieces, make the jumper, make the hat, make the cat and complete the assembly. Dividing up the instructions like this makes them less daunting and allows you to focus on one portion of the craft at a time and then assemble them together to make the finished product. Accompanying the instructions for most of the projects are tips on how to make the crafts so they will turn out like the one in the photo (i.e. the tip for the Candy Corn Candle lets you know when to pour the layers so you will get the candy corn look to the candle). I really like how it is suggested to practice techniques for the crafts (i.e. mixing the watercolors and painting stamped images for the Tasseled Book Invitation and test stitching on the fabric for the Halloween Cat Banner). I also like that there is illustrations to accompany the instructions for certain parts of more complicated projects like the Crayon and Embroidery Wall Hanging, Haunted Birdhouse, Appliquéd Pumpkin Table Runner and Patches: The Pumpkin Patch Protector. The only thing I didn’t like about Creepy Crafty Halloween is that the pattern section is at the back of the book because it isn’t as convenient as having them together with the instructions.


  • Witch Hat Invitation
  • Carved Witch Pumpkin
  • Witch Doll with Cat
  • Crayon and Embroidery Wall Hanging
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Candy Corn Candles
  • Photo Transfer Halloween Place Mats and Napkins
  • Halloween Hooked Rugs

Overall Rating:


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