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Creative Cardboard: Making Fabulous Furniture, Amazing Accessories & Other Spectacular Stuff

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Creative Cardboard: Making Fabulous Furniture, Amazing Accessories & Other Spectacular Stuff

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Book Name: Creative Cardboard...

Author: Linda Ragsdale

Publisher: Lark Books

ISBN: 1-57990-219-7

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages:128

Illustrations: Color photos, B & W diagrams

Experience Required: Progress from beginner to advanced.

Book Review

At the beginning of the book, the author, Linda Ragsdale provides the reader with in depth coverage of the types of cardboard accompanied by illustrations of the layers, qualities and flute (ripple) sizes as they pertain to the projects in the book.  Sources for cardboard, tool and supply requirements are also well covered.  The basic techniques section is also a must read to learn the various types of rolls needed to create the projects in the book.  If you read this in the beginning then you will already be familiar with the process and only have to quickly refer back to it when you are making a particular craft.  In the instructions for each craft project there is an additional heading under the Materials and Tools called Suggested Rereading that gives you the titles and page numbers of the techniques involved in making the craft.  There is a box called Diving Board at the end of each chapter that includes hints and tips to expand upon the techniques you have just learned and essentially, gives you more project ideas which is a bonus!  Patterns for the projects are at the back of the book (some are actual size or enlargement instructions are included if necessary) while assembly instructions are included within the craft instructions for your convenience.

What I really like about this book is the way the author draws upon personal experience to take us through the cardboard crafting process.  Where she made a mistake, she tells the readers about it so they will benefit from it and not do the same things.  She uses personal anecdotes to introduce the book in The Cardboard Diving Board and clever descriptions at the beginning of each chapter hint at the flavor of the following projects.  This book is unpretentious with a natural progression of the difficulty of projects that takes you through the process of learning to create with cardboard.


  • Vase Rubenesque
  • No-Bake Boxes
  • Cardboard Bouquet (Mum's the Word)
  • Forest Trunk
  • French Groove Rolltop Desk

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