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Craft Books For Kids

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Winter Day Play
Winter Day Play!: Activities, Crafts, and Games for Indoors and Out is a great idea book for what to do in the winter months whether the weather is good or bad outside.

Snowmen: Creatures, Crafts, and Other Winter Projects
This is a great resource for families who like to engage in indoor and outdoor activities in the winter months.

Crafts to Make in the Winter
I really like the colourful illustrations framing the instructions for all the projects in Crafts to make in Winter. The illustrations make the pages very eye catching and draw the reader in as they are looking to see what craft is contained on that page.

Kathy Ross Crafts Letter Shapes
Kathy Ross Crafts with Letter Shapes is a good book for teaching children about letters while making a fun craft based on the shape of the letter. The instructions for each project are clear and simple, the number of steps ranging anywhere between two and seven for the crafts.

20-Minute Crafts
When I first flipped through the pages of 20-Minute Crafts I fell so much in love with the crafts it was hard to narrow down my favourite choices. Children can choose from a wide variety of craft ideas for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, birthdays, back to school, sports, fall, Halloween and Christmas.

Autumn is a simple book about great crafts children can make during the fall season. They are beautiful and really capture the essence of the season or event the craft represents. There is a color photo on the first page of every craft project.

I Can Make That! Fantastic Crafts for Kids
I like that all the projects require some amount of grown-up participation in the preparation of the materials. In addition some help is required with the assembly of some of the large projects such as the Enchanted Castle, making the projects a family effort.

Nature Crafts for Kids
The craft/project ideas in this book are divided into the four seasons with the materials and projects mostly made up of things available in each individual season.

Button Girl, More Than 20 Cute-as-a-Button Projects
I really like Button Girl, More than 20 Cute-as-a-Button Projects because it takes crafting to a new level. The author incorporates the use of buttons in fashion, accessories and gifts in ways you would never have thought they could be used.

The Crafty Art Book
Everything about The Crafty Art Book screams it is for children. The colors used throughout the entire book are bright and the images of the projects are displayed beautifully and appealingly.

The Outrageously Big Activity Play and Project Book
I really like this book because if you have kids or work in child care, there is a almost everything you will ever need to know about doing projects in the areas of miscellaneous crafts, recipes, painting, science, music, parties, magic, planting, modeling, making t-shirts, making jewelry, doing hair, making masks, face and body painting, balloon art and juggling.

Sandcastles Made Simple
This book takes you through the subtle art of sandcastle making that is leaps and bounds from the bucket molds you make with your child in the sandbox or at the beach. It teaches and enhances your skills as a novice sandcastle maker. What I really like about this book is that after you have read it from cover to cover and experimented a little at the beach or on a small scale in the sandbox you can see yourself successfully making sandcastles you may only have dreamed about.

Making Make-Believe
This very hands-on book is geared toward children exploring the world of fantasy and imagination with instructions for creating the props and settings for creative fun.

Beads (Kids Can Easy Crafts)
The materials, tools and the bead making process are all within the capabilities of children aged 4-8 and above with minimal adult assistance and supervision. The beads can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, ponytail holders, barrettes and even a mobile.

Fun With Modeling Clay
Fun With Modeling Clay is a great visual resource for older children to experiment with making things out of clay. Barbara Reid, the author of Have You Seen the Birds and Two by Two, books made up entirely of clay scenes, has demonstrated in this book some beginner projects involving modeling clay.

Fun Crafts For Kids
The over seventy ideas in this book may not all be new but they are definitely good. Most of the crafts also have a small section called "Other things to try" after the main instructions.

100 Incredible things to Make, Do and Play
This is a great book for children ages 9 to 12.  The book includes templates, patterns and a wonderful introduction that shows you how to do Tracing, Scaling up and Papier-mâché techniques that are necessary to make some of the crafts in this book.

501 Fun to Make Family Crafts
The step-by-step instructions are straightforward and combined with the photos and patterns the projects are easy to do. Full size patterns are included.

Best Friends Forever
I loved this book as soon as I opened it.  The book is well organized, has 199 projects that kids can make, has tons of full color pictures making it easy to see what the crafts look like, and each craft is accompanied by a full list of materials needed.

Disney's Family Fun Crafts
This is one of my favorite books. In it you will find 500 crafts and activities that can be done at home, or away on vacation.

Explore and Create
This is another great book for daycare and elementary teachers who want to inspire their children to learn.  Each idea includes the name of the activity, the objective it serves (i.e. development of fine motor skills) the materials required, procedure, and a sketch of what is to be done.

Gifts Kids Can Make
This book has great ideas to get kids off to an early start making gifts to give this year.  Take advantage of long weekends and days off from school to make fun projects from this book.

The Book of Wizard Craft
Within its pages there are crafts and science experiments (magic potions) and everything else you need to know to make you as much a wizard as is possible.

Nursery Crafts
The crafts in this book are geared toward assisting in the development of early learning skills for children such as fine motor, social emotional, cognitive, language as well as exposure to science, social studies, mathematics and pre-reading.

Felt Board Stories
The activities in this book are good for learning about and reinforcing the concepts of counting (Whale and the Fish), shapes (Splish-Splash) and animals (Zoo Safari).

Draw Squad
I really liked this book because the author writes like he is talking in person to the child who is learning to draw.  The numbered lessons have a fun quality with fun exercises to do and there are cartoon illustrations to go along with the lessons.

Seasonal Fun:Totline Parent Flyer Series
I really appreciate that the recipes are all healthy and sugarless; in this way the writer is ahead of her time because this book was published before obesity really became a problem with some of today's children.

Recipes For Art and Craft Materials
This is a great book for all levels of crafting experience and a wonderful resource for teachers.  The book opens with a brief introduction and a page of helpful hints containing suggestions for surprising products that one can use in their recipes such as Lemon Extract, Oil of cinnamon and even Listerene!

The Storytime Craft Book
The thing that I like about this book is that it is not only a craft book but also a storybook. It is a great way to extend a child’s favorite story into a toy or activity.

See Also:

The Jumbo Book of Needlecrafts
As the knitting craze continues to spread and grow through all the age groups The Jumbo Book of Needlecrafts is a perfect resource for children's exploration of needlework. For kids ages 9 - 12.

Kids Can Sew: fun and easy projects for your small stitcher
When I first read through Kids Can Sew I got a really positive feeling about it because the content is so brilliantly and brightly illustrated it makes you want to jump into a project. Ages 9 - 12



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