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Color Made Easy

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Book Name: Color Made Easy: Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Papercrafting

Author: Misti Tracy

Publisher: Bluegrass Publishing

ISBN #: 1-59978-007-0

Cover: Paperback

# Of Pages: 157

Illustrations: color photos

Experience: Intermediate

Book Review

The good thing about Color Made Easy is the color combinations are provided for you and if you are one of those people who would go to the hardware/paint store for help picking complimentary colors this is the book for you. Almost anyone can attempt the projects because half the battle has been fought for you and with all the inspiration contained in its pages you can get started creating. I would recommend some experience with Scrapbooking, cardmaking and papercrafting because some of the techniques in this book require experience with the use of chalk, ink, stamping, paper tearing, etc. There are no specific instructions accompanying the photos of each project. This isn’t a discouragement because the photos are so clear it is easy to see how almost everything for the Scrapbooking layouts, cards or papercrafts is made (with the exception of the use of chalk).

After reading the introduction by the author you will get a sense of the purpose of this book because she speaks to the usefulness of color combinations and how you don’t need to be afraid anymore, just get inspired and jump in! I like her advice on communicating the theme rather than matching the colors of the materials you are using to the photo that is the center of your layout. There are a wide variety of layout/card/papercraft themes in this book from which you can gain inspiration (heritage, baby, family, children, birthdays, Halloween, sporting events, Valentine’s Day, vacations, weddings, Christmas as well as a variety of other events). I really like the way a wide variety of materials are used for a layout. Autumn, pg. 23 includes the use of paper, ink, stamps, brads, glitter and thread in its composition to create a unique effect in combination with a color palette of different hues of pink that blend beautifully.
To fully benefit from the content of Color Made Easy is to explore the color combinations provided in each section of this book. The content is broken down into titles that reflect the color styles used (i.e. Hot and Trendy, Rich and Creamy and Nostalgic) as well as the titles for each of the layouts/cards/papercrafts included in this book. Each color style includes an idea for a layout, card and/or papercraft as well as a list of additional theme ideas for layouts. And if you are really stuck you can get inspired by Creative Kick – Starts included with each color style chapter. Here you can get inspiration for color, journaling and design to use when creating your layouts/cards/papercrafts. I also really liked the inspirational quotes pertaining to the themes of the layouts included throughout Color Made Easy. If you are stuck for words to use in your own layouts they just might be what you are looking for. As a bonus there is a Color Buddy at the back of the book for you to put together and use when selecting color combinations for your projects. It is similar to the paint chip palette you would get at a hardware store when selecting paint colors for your home.


  • Hot and Trendy

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