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Christmas Crafts from Around the World

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Christmas Crafts from Around the World

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Book Name: Christmas Crafts from Around the World

Author: Judy Ann Sadler

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd.


Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 40

Illustrations: Color photos and drawings

Experience Required: 7+

Book Review:

Christmas Crafts from Around the World contains a craft from 14 countries around the world including the U.S., Canada, the Ukraine, Poland, Holland, Britain, Italy and many others. At the beginning of Christmas Crafts Around the World there is a small section introducing you to the basic materials you will be using for the crafts in this book. It is very useful to read the information being given to you here because it will help you to pick the right materials for the craft you want to make to make sure it turns out properly.

Before the craft instructions, a bit of background information on the craft as well as a seasonal greeting in the language of the country is included to give the reader a sense of the importance of the craft to that country. The instructions for the crafts are very simple and clear. Illustrations of the instructions as well as a photo of the finished product accompany the written instructions. It helps to have an example to follow while you are making the craft and to see how it should turn out. This would be especially helpful for children making the craft.

I really like that there are some additional craft ideas included with three of the main crafts in Christmas Crafts Around the World. There is a section called More Ideas following the Cranberry and popcorn garland that gives you three extra uses for or methods of decorating with the popcorn and/or cranberries. There are also simple instructions for Felt ornaments as part of the crafts from the United States. There is a unique extra craft idea following the main craft from the Ukraine called Golden Walnuts which would look very nice hanging on a tree. There is a good hint included about keeping the shell halves paired up in an egg carton so you won't have trouble matching them up later. There are also more ideas to do with the woven hearts craft from Denmark.

At the back of this book there is a small section called Christmas sharing, which I think is worth a mention. In it there are ideas for a Craft-time box, a Storytime basket and Bags of joy (clothes, toys or groceries put into either the Sinterklaas sack or the Festive pillowcase) to give to those who are more in need of it during the holiday season. It's a good way to share the joy and spread some happiness for Christmas.


  • Cranberry and popcorn garlands (U.S.)
  • Silver Webs (Ukraine)
  • Sinterklaas sack (Holland)
  • Tree Skirt (Canada)
  • Christmas Fairy (Britain)
  • Advent calendar (Germany)

Overall Rating:


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