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Christenings : A Celebration

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Christenings : A Celebration

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Book Name: Christenings : A Celebration

Author: Beverley Jollands

Publisher: Lorenz Books

ISBN: 1-85967-920-X

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 64

Illustrations: Color photos and paintings

Experience Required: Intermediate

Book Review:

Christenings: A Celebration, Creative Ideas for a Special Day contains crafts and projects that are not only relevant to christenings but which also fit into other categories such as quilting, gardening, and floral. This book full of beautiful and interesting projects but it also has the background and stories of christening traditions and beliefs during ancient times around the world as well as those of the Scottish and Irish. It is an interesting read because of all the stories which might give you an idea of what traditions you want to uphold for your child's christening with projects and crafts to make so their day will be extra special.

The first chapter of Christenings: A Celebration covers christening traditions around the world. It also contains poems, quotations, biblical passages, anecdotes relating to the subject of children including the familiar poem Monday's Child and a touching poem called Choosing a Name which is an issue that is very close to all parents' hearts. Another important section of this book is Christening Customs and Traditions (some of the rituals and ceremonies of different cultures are also described, comparing the Christian baptism and what it means today to the ceremonies carried out in the ancient world - Hebrews, Egyptians and Greeks all immersed their infants in water symbolizing spiritual cleansing).

There is also a section on Christening Robes, which covers what babies wore for baptisms from the pre-17th century bearing cloth to Christening robes in 18th century (often passed down in the family) to which were added bonnets and bootees, (bibs and headbands), mittens, pincushion covers and handkerchiefs in embroidered linen which were once again passed down. Occasionally it was a tradition to fashion a dress of material from the mother's wedding dress or train.

There are a wide variety of projects in Christenings: A Celebration, everything you can imagine to make for a baby's special day. There are traditional christening gowns to sew, embroidered pillows, patchwork quilts (made extra special with pieces of fabric contributed by friends and family), quilts, and teddy bears. There is also a section on christening gifts to welcome the baby, traditional gifts of pincushions (in the 19th century the pins spelled out a message), a brooch on a baby's shawl (Scotland), coral bead necklace (had magic powers), or a coal stemmed rattle hung with silver bells (amusing for the baby and to warn off bad spirits - 18th century).

I really liked that some of the projects such as the Christening Gown made of fine cotton had step-by-step photos of the instructions (followed by the same step-by- step photos and instructions to make matching Christening Bonnet and Brocade Bootees). Other projects were made easy to create such as the Harlequin Patchwork Teddy because the pattern was on the same page as the instructions, saving you time having to navigate the book to find the pattern you need. For most of the rest of the patterns required there was a templates section at the back of the book.


  • Christening Robe
  • Christening Bonnet
  • Brocade Bootees
  • Patchwork quilt
  • Mossy Bear Candle Holder
  • Embroidered Pincushion Keepsake
  • Harlequin Patchwork Teddy
  • Summer Christening Flowers
  • Planted Flower Basket
  • Lucky Horseshoe Present

Overall Rating:


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