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Rock Painting Fun for Everyone!
I love the projects in the book Rock Painting Fun for Everyone! so much it was hard to not choose all painted rocks as my favorites. I love the author’s simple and positive style of writing, which the reader gets their first exposure to in the Introduction. She encourages you to enjoy the rock painting experience and her enthusiasm is infectious because she makes you believe you can create wonderfully painted rocks.

Monet and Impressionists for Kids
Author Carol Sabbeth makes learning Monet and other Impressionist artists fun. I like that the activities in each chpater encourage the reader to experiment with different mediums (i.e. combining magazine pictures with acrylic paints to create something new) like the artists we are learning about did when they first started as Impressionists.

Leonardo da Vinci for kids
This book begins with a timeline to give you an idea of some of the major events involving Gutenberg, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Francois I, Magellan, Luther and Copernicus that occured around Leonardo da Vinci's lifetime.

American Folk Art For Kids
American Folk Art For Kids is a combination fun/learning tool for children, teachers and adults alike.

History of Art for Young People
This book is a wide-ranging study of great works of art from the early days of man up to and including Twentieth century photography and Postmodernism.

Drawing For Dummies
The atmosphere of this book is one that is dedicated to the easy, successful method of learning how to draw. Drawing for Dummies begins with a handy chart called a Cheat Sheet that is a guide to Graphite Drawing Pencils and on the other side a diagram and breakdown of The Parts of an Eye. The Introduction is an outline of the contents of the book but also conveys the feeling that the author believes anyone can learn to draw and you can have fun doing it.

The Fundamentals of Drawing Still Life
I really like this book Fundamentals of Drawing Still Life because it gives the reader confidence in knowing that whatever skills they do or do not have, they can learn to draw on some scale. The lessons in the book won’t make you an expert but give you an understanding of how to draw the basic shapes that form a lot of the images represented in the book.



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