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American Folk Art For Kids With 21 Activities

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American Folk Art For Kids With 21 Activities

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Book Name: American Folk Art For Kids With 21 Activities

Author: Richard Panchyk

Publisher: Chicago Press Review

ISBN: 1-55652-499-4

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 118 Pages

Illustrations: Color Photos

Experience Required: Kids age 10+

Book Review

American Folk Art For Kids is a combination fun/learning tool for children, teachers and adults alike. In the foreward by William C. Ketchum Jr, it is mentioned that there are many books on the market about Folk Art but none geared towards children until now. American Folk Art for Kids is not only teaching us about folk art but the artists behind certain styles and the times in which they lived and created their art. We learn about where folk art began and how it has evolved around the world in the chapter The Origins of Folk Art which is divided into the sections; Art in Civilization, Folk Art Emerges, The Geography of Folk Art and American Folk Art.

It is not only the facts about folk art that are important, it is also the stories behind the traditions that are fascinating. Throughout the book there are mini-articles containing interesting background information. Some of the topics of these mini-articles are; The Hobby of Folk Art, Name that Painting, What Makes It a Good Painting?, Grandma Moses, How Old Is It?, Folk Art and Tradition, Preserving Folk Art, Folk or Fake?, The Mennonites and the Amish, How Do You Know if It Is American?, Recycled Fun, Mr. Imagination (an artist who wrote one of the forewords in this book), Where Can Folk Art Be Found?, and Folk Art by Kids. Accompanying many of these mini-articles as well as the portions of the chapters in this book are photos of pieces of folk art (i.e. paintings, drawings, silhouettes, manuscripts, certificates, furniture, stencil and hex designs, stoneware, stamps, dishware, paper cutouts, samplers, baskets, costumes, knitting and crochet, lace, embroidery and needlepoint, hooked rugs, quilts, rag dolls, a carved walking stick, gravestone folk art, decoys, wood carvings, model making, pyrography, scrimshaw (decorative carving of animal teeth and bones), weather vanes and whirligigs, games and toys, coin art, trench art (a vase made from a WWI shell), a decoupage bowl and building signs).

The 21 activities included in American Folk Art For Kids are divided into seven categories; Folk Painting and Drawing, The Decorative Arts, Fabric Sewn and Stitched, Chiseled, Carved and Hammered, Found Objects and Scraps and Public Folk Art which are also the main chapters of this book. Along with each activity there is an introduction about the origins of that style of folk art and a brief explanation of the technique involved. That is what I like about this book, every part of it has something to teach you about the history of folk art. Even while you are having fun doing the activities you are learning. We are learning not only the facts but the stories and the heart of folk art through the personal backgrounds of the artists. This was such a great book, I could have written so much more but I don't want to give it all away!


  • Reverse Painting on Glass
  • Sponge Paint a Stool
  • Make a Hex Sign
  • Create a Paper Cutout
  • Sew an Album Quilt Square
  • Make a Rag Doll
  • Gum Wrapper Train
  • Button Collage

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