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A Year of Scrapbooking

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A Year of Scrapbooking

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Book Name:A Year of Scrapbooking

Author:Debbie Janasak & Anna Swinney

Publisher:Time Life Custom Publishing



# of Pages:183

Illustrations:Color photos

Experience Required: Varying levels of difficulty.

Book Review

The authors of this book have compiled a vast wealth of knowledge of scrapbooking techniques, layout ideas and crafts to showcase your photos in different ways. The opening chapter is called the Art of Scrapbooking and it is a must read because it is all about getting started as well as giving you a few more layout ideas and how to complete them.  The authors separate the content of the rest of the book into monthly installments with seasonal layouts (i.e. January - Winter and New Year's Eve, February - Valentine's Day, March - St. Patrick's Day, April - Spring and Easter, May - Mother's Day and Prom, June - Father's Day and Graduation, July - Summer and Independence Day, August - Beach and Summer Camp, Grandparent's Day and Back to School, October - Autumn and Halloween, November - Thanksgiving, and in December - Christmas and Hanukkah and how to complete them.  Each month is divided into these sections, Memories to Capture, Album Idea, Design Concept, Technique to Try, Journaling, Outside the Lines and Photo Tip.  In each chapter there is also cross-referencing of the different ideas and techniques in the various sections where they are available so they are easy to access and refer back to.

Some of the portions of this book that I was fascinated with are the sections on using chalk, making a Father's Day Box including accordion card, making a Baby album cover, using embroidery and cross stitch to embellish scrapbook pages, how masks and masking are used in scrapbook pages, and how to incorporate metal quilting, oil paints and origami into scrapbooking. Equally interesting are the sections on paper casting, paper tearing, papercutting, penstitching, piecing, paper piercing, silhouetting, splicing photos, sponging, stamping, stenciling, 2-D elements, 3-D elements, tinting, watercolors, and weaving.

In every chapter there is an additional article called A Word About ... with important topics including: safe homes for photos, getting started, making the perfect cut, decorative scissors, color terms, light boxes, heat embossing, making your own paper, corrugating, alternative pop-ups, mounting memorabilia, using your computer section, using the end of a roll of film, and changing photographers.  Most of the topics are connected to a layout or craft idea included in that chapter.

Following the chapters divided into months there is a final chapter called Not Just Albums.  In it there are instructions how to make greeting cards (i.e. for Birthdays, Holidays and a Get Well card), Memory Boxes, Bulletin Boards and Posters, Journals, (How to do) Scrapbooking with Children and Other Ideas.  There is also a glossary covering terms in the book that you may not understand followed by a resources section at the back so you can know where the materials in the book were purchased.

I love this book so much I bought one for a fellow scrapbooker.  When you are really interested in something you just can't have too much information on the subject.  This book has so many ideas and includes so much information on scrapbooking techniques I think you will always be able to find out how to create what you want to do.  Writers aren't the only ones who get blocked sometimes so this book is a great resource for layout ideas you can imitate or be inspired by.


  • First Impressions (p. 17)
  • Kara Smiles Layout (p. 32)
  • Dry Embossing (p. 55)
  • Kara at Disneyland (p. 68)
  • Outside the Lines:Botanicals (p. 72)
  • Identifying Groups (p. 85)
  • Pop-Up Page (p. 107).

Overall Rating:


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