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175 Easy-to-do Christmas Crafts

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175 Easy-to-do Christmas Crafts

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Book Name: 175 Easy-to-do Christmas Crafts

Editor: Sharon Dunn Umnik

Publisher: Bell Books

ISBN: 1-56397-373-1

Cover: Paperback

# of Pages: 63

Illustrations: Color photos, B&W sketches

Experience Required: Beginner

Book Review

The first thing I noticed about 175 Easy-to-do Christmas Crafts is that almost everything you need to make the crafts in this book are recyclable materials or items you already have around the house. The Material Index at the back of the book divides the crafts into the categories of the recyclable or household material that is the base component of the craft. This makes the craft ideas easy to access as well as helping you decide which craft you are going to make depending on the materials you have available.

In 175 Easy-to-do Christmas Crafts there are often several crafts that are similar in nature but using different materials. For example, at the beginning of the book there are three different crèches you can make depending on the materials you have on hand. Not only you are there many different types of decorations to make (i.e. tree skirts, candle holders and ornaments), you can also make cards, cardholders and napkin rings just to name a few of the wonderful crafts there are in this book.

This book is great because it has so many ideas to choose from and the crafts are all child (and environment) friendly. Children can choose a craft they would like to make to decorate their house for the holidays, to give as a gift for a family member or friend or both. Since there are so many projects to choose from, it may be hard to choose and they may want to make more than one. I know there are several I would like to make for myself as well as with my daughter for her to give as gifts for her grandparents and aunt and uncle.

The instructions to the crafts in this book are simply written and the list of materials is short in most cases. This makes the crafts quick and easy to complete so the project is enjoyable and not frustrating for the children who are participating. This is especially important during the holiday season when everyone is busy and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. For children who are making gifts for their parents and are trying to keep it a surprise, an older brother or sister can assist them. The crafts in this book don't require any tools (i.e. glue gun) or materials that aren't safe for children of all ages to use. Younger children may require assistance where sharp scissors are required but everything else, especially gluing, is safe for them to do.


  • Spice Bottle Nativity
  • Jingle-Bell Shaker
  • Evergreen Ball
  • Film Cannister Ornament
  • Santa Snowball Toss
  • Yarn Snowflakes
  • Bell Cookie-Cutter Ornament
  • Yarn Holiday Card
  • String Ornament
  • Milk Carton Church
  • Cut Paper Surprise Bag

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