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101 Christmas Crafts: Ornaments, Decorations, and Gifts

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101 Christmas Crafts: Ornaments, Decorations, and Gifts

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Book Name: 101 Christmas Crafts: Ornaments, Decorations, and Gifts

Author: Pat Richards

Publisher: Friedman/ Fairfax Publishing

ISBN: 1-56799-340-0

Cover: Hardcover

# of Pages: 160

Illustrations: Color photos

Experience Required: Varied levels of difficulty

Book Review:

The introduction to 101 Christmas Crafts: Ornaments, Decorations, and Gifts includes a must read section called Before You Begin. It includes information to help you through some of the problems the author, Pat Richards encountered with products and methods (i.e. fusible adhesive, what worked best for her and for different types of projects, using metallic thread, and gluing on trim versus sewing it on). There is something for every type of crafter in this book: knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, embroidery, plastic canvas, beading, clay crafts, decoupage, paper crafts, natural crafts, environmentally friendly recycling crafts, woodworking, papier mache, and unique crafts to give the person who has everything. There is also a sources section available at the back. I like that the photos in this book display the crafts in real life or attractive settings. It is also nice to see that the patterns necessary for making the crafts are included with the instructions, not in a separate section of the book.

This book is divided up into three categories/chapters: Elegant Christmas, Homespun Christmas and A Wild and Wacky Christmas. These chapters are further divided into three subsections: Ornaments, Decorations and Gifts. The chapter Elegant Christmas features Ornaments that are very Victorian (i.e. Victorian Garland), traditional and ornate (with flowers, ribbon, tassels, doilies, bright, regal and rich colors). There are a variety of methods to making these projects such as embroidery and reusing old ties (Embroidered Heart Ornament), quilting (Crazy Quilt Ball, using old silk ties) and unusual ornaments such as the Dragonfly, and the velour and felt strawberries with seed beads that are very realistic, almost yummy enough looking to eat!).

Decorations in the Elegant Christmas chapter include recycling wrapping paper or cards to make Display Plates, Victorian style stockings, tree skirt and table runner as well as Napkin Rings, Guest Towels and Round & Square Victorian pillows. Gifts include pins, sachets, Velvet Fruit, magnetic frames, an Embellished Headband, a Crocheted Evening Bag, a Crazy Quilt Eyeglass case (using scraps from old ties again), beaded key and eyeglass chains, a decoupage bracelet and embroidered bookmark.

The chapter Elegant Christmas is followed by Homespun Christmas and A Wild and Wacky Christmas, which are also divided, into the subsections Ornaments, Decorations and Gifts. I had so many favorites in all of these sections of all of the chapters it was hard to choose in the end. Some unusual ideas in the Homespun Christmas chapter include the Button Sunflower and Daisy Ornaments (good for someone who likes sunflowers and daisies), the Open Heart Ornament (made of air hardening clay), the Play Clay Pretzel (very realistic with real salt on the pretzel) and the Peanut Shell Santa Ornament and the Walnut Shell Craft (both environmentally friendly).

A Wild and Wacky Christmas contains Ornaments, Decorations and Gifts with out of the ordinary elements for Christmas crafts such as cardinal and blue jay Paper Birds, fun foam Slotted Animal Ornaments, Kite Ornament, Spider Web (pipe cleaners and pom poms), stained glass Butterfly Ornament, Flower Garland and a Decorated Clock (with a personalized fish motif). Also popular are the ornament motif crafts including a tree skirt and a pillow. There is also a polar fleece hat and scarf for which you can match the pattern of the polar fleece. You can also make a very warm looking polar fleece afghan with a fringe. The polar fleece crafts are good for people who sew and don’t knit but still want to make hats, scarves and blankets.


  • Butterfly Sachet
  • Magnetic Refrigerator Frames
  • Paper Bag Ornament
  • Snowman Ornament
  • Hobby Horse Ornament
  • Country Garland
  • Gingerbread House Ornament
  • Knitted Ornaments
  • Hunting Sock Stocking
  • Sweatshirt Jacket
  • String Cone
  • Graphic Ornaments
  • Ornament Pillow
  • Magnetic Paper Doll
  • Bath Mitt Puppets (Ms. Dragon and Mr. Fish)

Overall Rating:


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