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Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques

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Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques

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This technique works best on paper products so use it to add extra dimension and color to the die cuts, paper piercings and clip art. You can even embellish photos you have printed out on vellum paper. Create a unique look by chalking them to heighten or change the colors of the photos you print out. This works especially well with the

background of the photo and you could even change the colors of anything white or light colored. Use your imagination and don't worry if you made a mistake because you can erase what you have done and fix it. Do this right away however as it will eventually set permanently.

Rubber Stamping

With a stamp and acid free ink you can add images to your pages that compliment the photos and memorabilia surrounding a particular theme. You can even make your own rubber stamps if you are that ambitious and this is something in which you are really interested.

Journaling Block

One option is to create a text or journaling block. All you need to do is cut a colored piece of your scrapbook paper to fit the space available under or next to a photo. Cut a piece of ruled paper 1/4" smaller than the colored paper on all sides. Attach adhesive to the back of the ruled paper, center it over the colored paper and press it firmly into place. You can even embellish this journaling block with a sticker if it fits in with your theme and you have room for it as well as your text. Before you actually write your text on the journaling block, practice writing it to make sure it will fit into that space and it is exactly what you want to say. Cut a piece of scrap paper the same size as the ruled paper and write your text there. When you are satisfied the words will fit on your journaling block fill them in on the ruled paper. Attach it to your scrapbook page when your layout is definite. Don't attach the block to the page before writing on it in case you make a mistake and can't remove it from the page.


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